As we enter the crucial months of the 2018/2019 recruitment cycle, data from HESA and the Home Office are just now giving us a snapshot of what happened to UK international student recruitment in the past two years. While these figures may often seem hopelessly out of date, many of the trends behind the numbers are still relevant to our work in the coming months.
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We would like to invite 2 universities to share a booth (sized 3x3) at the Br
East Asia
Egyptian medical schools would like to build a collaborative partnership with UK medical schools.
Middle East & Africa
"La Feria de los Colegios" - Scholarum is the largest schools education fair in Spain and British Schools are allowed to participate at the same fee as Spanish schools
The British Council together with the Job Creation Unit of Nigeria seeks to enhance the relevance of skills training to employers in specific growth industries. We have a short consultancy opportunity to develop a report that will support the development of a Sector Skills Council in Film and Broadcast.
Middle East & Africa
Our British Council exams colleagues are launching a newsletter
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